sesame figs

Finally, it's fig season! And this year the fruits are quit big! I bought two instantly and ate both after lunch :)

I love to eat these with a portion of sesame and drips of maple syrup.

It's very sweet then but the figs don't lose their fruity and mild taste. The figs are from the supermarket and have not been wrapped in plastic. Sesame is available in many store where you can buy in bulk and package-free. Well and maple syrup comes, at least in Germany, in a nice looking glass flask.

This delicious ensamble is easy to prepare and satisfies all your sweet needs.



The Body Soap Caja by YUKA is just awesome! I count this brand to the first ones, who really convinced me: from natural packaging to product's application.


The soap contains to 100% only natural ingredients, meaning there are no microplastics or harmful chemicals. Additionally, it's vegan. For me the most important fact besides that it's microplastic-free.


What I like the most? The plastic-free packaging and the fruity but soft smell.

Ps: The effect of the soap is divine:)


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